Sunday, August 31, 2008

EWR: Lucky Seven

Welcome to the August 31, 2008 edition of Everything Worth Reading. From French to flying to the search for immortality, it's all here. The race for the best post this month was a close call. So much good stuff in the blogosphere.

Manoj Thulasidas presents Sophistication posted at Unreal Blog, saying, "The French are masters when it comes to nurturing, and more importantly, selling sophistication. Here is a humorous take on how they manage it. La sophistication, a la francaise!"

I would say something really witty in French right now; alas, I don't know French.

Dereck presents An Essay on Human Growth posted at I Will Not Die.

I wonder if Dereck realizes that I'm 4'10".

old-wizard presents OW Investigative Series: Violence in Video Games posted at, saying, "Old-Wizard takes a look at how video games affect real world violence, starting with the 1980's arcade classic Donkey Kong."

Gorilla and a barrel! Gorilla and a barrel!

P.L. Frederick presents Hotshot Designer posted at Small and Big, saying, "Mark Twain put it best when he wrote, 'rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.'"

Excellent usage of the word "akimbo."

HighGrace presents Why we cant fly posted at Face to the Sun, saying, "The importance of hope and imagination using the metaphor of the possiblity of human flight".

Some inspirational words about getting high. Not drug related.

Nesher presents Dead Body of Bigfoot Found! Hoax or Not? You Decide! posted at Popular Google Searches - Trends and Reviews.

Hoax! Obviously. Or I mean NOT a hoax. So real. Really, though, hoax. But not.

April Hollands presents Fete du Reblochon posted at Le Franco honey, saying, "I've been to another fete and found it as much fun as the one in Annecy, even though there were no headbanging infants."

This is the line that got me this time: "Meanwhile, the locals are drunk." Hahahaha. Drunk. French. Cheese. April is living the life.

Aaron Powell presents Karaoke Quintessence: Chapter 1: Juju posted at Aaron Ross Powell, saying, "The first chapter of a new serial occult crime novel from the author of The Hole. This chapter introduces one of the novel's heroes, Jimmy Pete, a professional karaoke singer with more than a little mojo on his side."

Ooooh, I love me some mojo.

Post of the Month
Lily W presents A Brave New World of dating posted at If only my English were better. "Having a martini is not a good idea when you are jet lagged."

Hahahahaha. With an opening line like that, you've gotta keep on reading. Alas, I have a boyfriend now and no longer have good dating advice such as this post. I also no longer have new horror stories. On the one hand, I'm happy to not have to be aggravated. On the other, as a writer, I miss new stories to tell. In any case, Lily's blog makes me feel all nostalgic and lucky at once. Lily W gives us our Post of the Month. Raise your glasses, and while you're at it, buy the gal a drink.

garry presents Escaping the Rat Race in Scotland, Just Do it, I Have Done It! posted at The Barbados Blog.

Oooh, Garry is someone who heeds the call of good writing. If not for posts about tales of dating this month, Garry would have been post of the month. Hope you come back again because your stuff is some of the best in the blogosphere.

Davin Warner presents My tribute to retro gaming posted at Absolutely Random Stuff.

I never played video games in my childhood so this is all new to me.

Keith Wick presents Walmart: The Descent of Man posted at Weith Kick.

Truest words ever.

Amaryllis presents Sam posted at Amaryllis's Tales, saying, "A short story about a boy new to highschool, and his unique challenges with flying and imagination."

Here's a lighter kind of literature.

JennH presents The Drawing posted at Mixed, saying, "A work of fiction inspired by a writing prompt at A Thousand Words."

An interesting take on an interesting picture.

Hopeful Spirit presents Cliques: They’re What’s Wrong With the Christian Blogosphere posted at On the Horizon, saying, "Cliques are a way of life -- in the real and cyber worlds, including the Christian blogosphere. How should we react? Is there a way to combat this phenomenon?"

There are a whole lot of problems with Christianity let alone the Christian blogosphere. However, I'm not so close-minded as to not let all sides be heard.

P.L. Frederick presents Taking A Stand On Lemonade Stands posted at Small and Big, saying, "Learning to be polite from children. A quick read!"

Hope they have a liquor license.

Ann presents VegasRex: On The Las Vegas Real Estate Market posted at VegasRex, saying, "Humorous and interesting take on education and the real estate market situation in Las Vegas."

I don't even know what to say here....

Rachel presents I guess you had to be there. posted at Basura Caliente!, saying, "I'd like to think this is worth reading. :)"

My nine or so years of Spanish class leads me to believe the name of this blog translates to Hot Garbage! In which case, I'd have to infer that said blog title is ironic, considering this is very much worth reading.

Dawn Xiana Moon presents The King of Fruit posted at Dawn Xiana Moon: Randomness.

This is simple and nice.

Stephen presents Today's MMA; Top 10 Reasons for the Success of Modern MMA posted at MMA Bulletin.

Okay, I guess good writing is involved here. Plus, I'm a sucker for a shirtless muscle man.

Ahh, a shirtless muscle man. That's a great way to conclude this edition.

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