Monday, September 28, 2009

EWR: Roaring 20

Welcome to the September 27, 2009 edition of Everything Worth Reading.

Susan Howe presents 7 Lies About Pirates You Learned From Movies posted at Star Costumes Blog.


Kerry Dexter presents work of autumn: music posted at Music Road.

Justin D presents posted at The Dark Grin, saying, "Enjoy some of my best writing... laughing about my struggles!"

nubia presents project art poetica » i ran like a rat with pearl in her mouth posted at project art poetica.

Aspirant presents Four Dead in Ohio posted at Ravings of an Aspirant and a Wikiphiliac.

Malaika presents I get my best sex from Craigslist posted at Back to the drawing board.

It's gotta come from somewhere.

Tiffany Colter presents Tiffany Colter's Fiction: A Face in the Shadow Part 1 Chapter 1 posted at Tiffany Colter's Fiction, saying, "A Face in the Shadow is a full length novel by author Tiffany Colter.
Is her life finally falling into place or about to fall apart? On the edge of happiness there is a face in the shadow. Someone is killing young women in Woodhaven. And now he has his eyes on Rachel. Rachel is a woman wise in the ways of the world and confident in her own abilities. She has a take charge attitude and ambition on overdrive. If only she was as wise in affairs of the heart. Thanks to her mom’s matchmaking two men pull her in different directions. Drew is handsome, charming and successful. He doesn’t want to change Rachel but loves her for who she is. Curtis is down to earth with boyish charm. He is determined to win Rachel and show her love isn’t about proving who you are but rather being who you are."

Gabriel presents - Identifying Crazy Women posted at How To Attract Women, saying, "For guys in the dating scene, it is best to avoid women who are crazy."

I know this is a How To, but I've given time to the posts about crazy men, so this inclusion is only fair.

Toni presents A Grandfather's Love posted at Wifely Steps.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Working Stiffed posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

Amanda Garcia presents Martha's House posted at Relateable Me, saying, "Her broken world of squalor and insanity suddenly looked more appealing than my heart."

Mauzzie presents Daffodil Day posted at Ponderer.

John presents Vulture Awareness Day: Vultures I Would Like to See posted at A DC Birding Blog.

I couldn't not include this post. Vultures are cool. I'm saying that only because I fear them.

Deanna Mavis presents Boys & Food posted at Gathering Orange, saying, "I'm a college freshman at the University of Miami trying to share my experiences with the world!"

Leah L Burton presents Leaving on a Jet Plane? posted at God's Own Party?.

Melissa Hedding presents Siblings and Spouses posted at Finds For Families, saying, "So many things go into making a marriage tick. Here's some info about an angle we don't often consider in our marriages."

Scientific Living presents Why Diet Matters (Iron Filings Found in Cereal) posted at Scientific Living, saying, "Iron filings intentionally added in cereals (why you should care about your diet)."

Does that make me magnetic?

Jon Chambers presents Conformity (Article) posted at The Mind Of Jon.

jeanroy presents The meaning of “Freedom” posted at Cherry·Vomit My Life Outloud & In Transition.

Cherry vomit? This stuff just gets better and better.

SVB presents Should You Quit School Because You’re Brilliant? posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Should you quit school?"

SlapStikSix presents Dairy of a semi-retired Paperboy posted at I'm Bloginit!, saying, "A post about my experiences as a paperboy, I quit to some extent, hence the title "Diary of a semi-retired paperboy".

Mike presents The Simple Pleasures of Toast and Strawberry Jam posted at Writers Anonymous, saying, "Sometimes life gets overwhelming, and it's nice to just take a few moments and relax, taking pleasure in some of life's simpler pleasures."

Lisa Illichmann presents Lisa Illichmann » Me and the Mountain posted at Lisa Illichmann, saying, "A short story about me, my mountain bike and a mountain."

Harpreet Kaur presents Love and Flowers posted at Love Poems, Love Stories, love Tips, Flirting, Long Distance Love, saying, "Flowers and Love"

I wonder what this post will be about.

Tim King presents :-p :^) to Prospective Employers J. Timothy King's Blog posted at J. Timothy King's Blog, saying, "A humorous rant on the way that our employers manipulate us, and how we let them get away with it!"

Greg Laden presents The Mystery of The Returned Outboard Motor : Greg Laden's Blog posted at Greg Laden's Blog.

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