Sunday, November 30, 2008

EWR: And Then There Were TEN

Welcome to the November 30, 2008 edition of Everything Worth Reading. We've got health, politics, and stories galore.

JennH presents The Sentence posted at Mixed

An intriguing little tale.

Jon Swift presents Obama’s Disastrous Gaffe-Laden Press Conference posted at Jon Swift, saying, "The worst gaffe Obama made at his disastrous press conference was when he referred to mixed-breed dogs (or “differently bred” dogs, as they prefer to be called) using the dogist term “mutts.” “Mutt” is a deeply offensive word to working-class dogs and their owners."

Dogist? Really?

Jirel presents Different meaning of different roses posted at Gozzip over a cup of coffee!.

So a rose is not a rose is not a rose.

el guapo presents Smell Test (When Does Satire Go Bad?) posted at eljumpingbean, saying, "Anyone up for some satire...real, well-written satire?"

Satire. Sarcasm. Bring it all on.

Toni presents Solace among books posted at Wifely Steps.

Books as friends. Been there. presents Havel’s Play in Slovakia After 40 Years posted at, saying, "The former president of the Czech Republic is also known as a writer. After leaving the presidency he decided to write his new drama that he worked on for over 20 years."

Finally! A post about the former president of the Czech Republic! No, seriously, this is pretty cool.

Atif Farid presents 25 reasons to QUIT smoking Health by dratiffarid posted at dratiffarid.

Put down the cancer sticks and back away from the ashtray.

Amber Duffy presents A fly On The Most Amazing Wall posted at Blogtastic.

Pretty awesome as far as walls go. TV is good.

Dereck presents The Fisherman Fable posted at I Will Not Die.

Now if I went fishing, I probably would die because I can't swim and I'm not too keen on rowboats.

Jim Murdoch presents All writers are Martians posted at The Truth About Lies, saying, "Here's a review of 'The Paris Review's Interviews Vol. III'"

I thought only men are from Mars.

Kerry Dexter presents Dual: Julie Fowlis & Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh posted at Music Road.

Ah, music and writing. Bloggers are the rock stars of the writing world, you know.

Machione presents A Long Weekend That Turned Into A Week, Thanks To The McCain/Palin Ticket posted at Fear And Loathing - The Gonzo Papers, saying, "What made it all more interesting for me, as a gambler, was that there was no problem finding supporters of the GOP who wouldn't contribute to the McCain/Palin ticket, but didn't hesitate to bet that Obama would lose."

The ever elusive gambler demographic chimes in.

Amanda Morrow Jensen presents Ten Great Books That Will Change Your Life at Yield to Pedestrian: Stroll With Me Through the World (and Beyond) posted at Yield To Pedestrian: All the Cool, All the Time.

As if I need to add more books to my reading list, here's an ecletic gathering of choices. I misread the intro to the list, thinking it said that you should add these to your Amazon list for Christina. It says Christmas. Still, feel free to buy me books.

Peter presents How Gratitude Can Change Your Life posted at The Change Blog.

Now say thank you.

Trevor Watkinson presents Born Into Bondage: Swearing fealty to the Queen of Canada posted at Blog, saying, "Did you know that all Canadians are in bondage to Queen Elizabeth?"

I did not know that. Take that, Canada!

Jeff Sullivan presents Fastest Roller Coaster - Kingda Ka posted at Top Vacation Destinations of the World.

Aw, shucks, I remember when I loved riding roller coasters. Then I had a bout with vertigo and it's never been the same. Ride on, Jeff Sullivan. Sigh.

Edmund Harriss presents Mathematics, Computers and Zeilberger posted at Maxwell's Demon.

Now you KNOW the main reason I included this post is Zeilberger is fun to say. Zeilberger Zeilberger Zeilberger.

Hairy Swede presents A Swedish Christmas in October posted at A Swedish American in Sweden, saying, "A quick, but important, history lesson for Americans can be found buried in this post."

Those Swedes know how to holiday.

VW presents The horror...The horror... posted at Wide Awake in Wonderland.

Heh, heh. Big ups to the long walk of shame, international.

Joseph Ekwu presents OBAMA……Mission accomplished. « Josephekwu’s Weblog posted at Josephekwu's Weblog, saying, "Obama, our man, he has made history."

First, I think Joseph should know that the U. S. election made Obama president of the U. S., not of the world. Still, it's historic, so I'm linking you up even though I'm a Nader girl at heart.

GrrlScientist presents Tiny Gecko Species Discovered in Vanuatu Rainforest posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, "According to scientists at France's National Museum of Natural History, a new species of gecko has been discovered -- after it hatched from an egg removed from a nest on a South Pacific island and carried 12,000 miles to Paris in a box lined with Kleenex. The island, Espiritu Santo, is one of the larger South Pacific islands of the Vanuatu Archipelago, east of Australia."

Whatcha got to say about that, Jeff Probst?

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