Sunday, December 27, 2009

EWR: 23, It's A Movie and a Blog Post

(FYI: The movie starred Jim Carrey and made me completely loony for a solid week. Moving on. )

Welcome to the December 27, 2009 edition of Everything Worth Reading. Whoo-hoo! Last post of the year, and of the decade! My heart leapt with joy as I read through the linkage, finding some really hot stuff. Then it sank when it got into the spam, business, and how-to (really, Gracie, it's not gonna happen). Then it rose once more with tales of lard and beer. Ah, it's the little things, isn't it?

Jim Murdoch presents Haiku and its related forms: an introductory essay posted at The Truth About Lies, saying, "Haiku has become increasingly popular in recent years. On the surface it's a simple form of poetry but thousands of words have been written about what an acceptable haiku is and most of these begin with a discussion of whether the number of syllables makes any difference in an English haiku. This essay is no different. It begins by asking that question and then discusses the fundamentals of writing haiku followed by an extensive glossary and many links."

Phillip Jeffers presents The Suffering of Modern Travelled Youth ? by Oliver Mitchell posted at The Global Guru articles & travel blog.

Susan Gaissert
presents The Tragedy of the Birthers posted at My Political Side, saying, "This is something I felt passionate about, and I very much enjoyed writing the piece."

Ryan Murphy
presents Forever will we climb the monkey bars posted at Eleven Degrees North.

Madeleine Begun Kane
presents It Is Hereby Resolved (New Year?s Resolution Humor) posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

presents LACK OF SLEEP posted at Gomerville.


Shaun Duke presents Why Avatar Will Suck, and Everyone Will See It Anyway posted at The World in the Satin Bag.

Post Of The Month. Because of an Awesome Title.

Chris presents Analyzing The James T. Kirk Fighting Method posted at Martial Development.

Um? Yeah, this is about Star Trek without really being about Star Trek.

A Markle
presents About Death and Housekeeping posted at Andrew Markle.

I thought housekeeping was death. We'll never know. I kept this in because I thought it would be a good read only to find that the link is 404'd. Dangit! A Markle, resubmit!

C. J. Stegall-Evans
presents Writing and the Art of Procrastination posted at Writing as a Sacred Art.

Walter J. Shumate
presents DeBloWriMo Day 3 - A Little Bit Fruity posted at, saying, "A humorous essay as to why I like fruitcake."

Fruitcake is fun.

Seth Plummer
presents The State of Now: Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder? posted at Cranky Commentary, saying, "Any and all correspondence and critiques are welcome and encouraged."

presents Consumed By Collective Fear posted at axel g.

Howling Mad Jay
presents Holiday movie time posted at The World's Greatest Blog. Better

Off Dead references!!!

Tim Smith
presents The Beer Tree posted at NADMIT.COM.

A tree? You can grow beer? Really? Almost Post of the Month because, no, you can't grow beer.

Annette Bagley-Martin
presents Lard Cookies posted at Cheese In My Hair.

From post title to blog title, this is so wrong that it's right.

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