Sunday, April 27, 2008

EWR #3: It's a Party in April

Come on in! The water's fine in this April 27, 2008 edition of Everything Worth Reading! That's a lot of exclamations! Well deserved, though, because this carnival is pretty darn great this time 'round! We had less direction-non-followers and much more of the good stuff. So enjoy the party!

Aaron Powell presents Baseball on the Garden Path posted at Aaron Ross Powell, saying, "A short horror story in the traditional vein about a father recovering his kid's baseball from the yard of a weird and terrible house."

Baseball is scary.

Shan Siddiqi presents The Plight of the Expatriated Sports Fanatic Globally Rational posted at Globally Rational saying, "The story of when I migrated to the US as a child and found that my cricket obsession, which was my only tool for social contact, was unheard of here."

Balls, in general? Scary.

P.L. Frederick presents Morning Migration posted at Small and Big.

Ever see Office Space? The opening credits? That commute to work? That's what mine used to be like. This is another view of being in a herd.

Lane Wright presents Petition to Oprah - Livestock Should be Treated Humanely Vegan Bits posted at Vegan Bits.

Here's an open letter to Oprah. Brave, brave soul. Hey, Oprah, don't scold the messenger.

David Cassell presents Wax On…Wax Off posted at

Almost Mr. Miagi but not quite.

Tonya presents Baby Stages Don't Just End After Delivery posted at My Pregnancy Blog.

Baby steps.

English Subject presents Learn English - English Speaking Tutorial » Blog Archives » Apostrophe Usage - It’s A Blast! posted at English Tutorial.

I'm all about grammar.

Herbert Lobsenz presents Marble Season 1 Old Time Writer posted at Old Time Writer, saying, "1930s New York City, and memories of Marble Season at 88th and West End."

Everyone loves nostalgia.

The Innovative Traveler presents Barrow, Alaska and the Monster Films that Bring Us There... posted at The Innovative Traveler.

There's an old joke that has Alaska in it. The punch line is something like, I don't know but Alaska. Maybe jokes bring us to Alaska, too.

Talk Prom Dresses presents What's Hot - Prom Dress Trends 2008 posted at Prom Dresses.

Prom, from "promenade." I learned that from Never Been Kissed. See how movies are good for education? I wish the 80s prom dress trend would come back.

Jayne presents Slug Guts posted at Our Great Southern Land.

Jayne uses the words "grotty" and "pee" in her post, which means it's a must read.

Paul Li presents Your Brain and Dyslexia posted at Lumosity Brain Health.

This sounds super smart, yo.

Bob Estes presents The Perfect Italian Woman posted at On-Screen Scientist.

At first, I thought Bob submitted this to tell me that I'm the perfect Italian woman. Apparently, I'm full of myself and Bob is talking about something completely different. Good job, Bob. THEN I thought, hey--isn't Bob Estes the guy who was on Silk Stalkings and then on Melrose Place? Mmmm, I love me some Bob Estes. Only on those shows, he went by Rob. That's right. I've got it all figured out now.

Kelly presents Marley: Discerning, Prudent, Shrewd. posted at View Along the Way

A woman and her dog.

HL Grove presents Up Yours Mother Theresa posted at Hennie Grove. The first rule of writing: get your audience interested.

With a title like that, we've gotta read it.

James Lee presents Frogs, Social Proof, and You posted at Online Business Freedom.

How can you ignore this? James Lee must have taken a lesson from Hennie.

Jake Riley presents Magic Tricks- Power of Gravity posted at Free MAGIC TRICKS.

A few years ago, a masked magician caused much rage in the magic community by revealing secrets of tricks. Again, don't shoot the messenger. That's all I'm sayin.

chris presents Fortune Cookie Note for April 7, 2008 posted at Fortune Cookie Notes

This is fun. Really.

Patrick A. Sizemore presents People Are Smelly Socks posted at College Information for Smart Students, saying he was "inspired by a tattered, blue plastic hamper."

If I were a sock, what kind of sock would I be?

old-wizard presents / Music / Top 10 British Bands of All Time posted at

Includes The Verve, not to be confused with The Verve Pipe, and Oasis, not to be confused with The Beatles.

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