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Two! Two! EWR Carnival for March 30, 2008

Welcome to the March 30, 2008 edition of Everything Worth Reading. We had a lot more submissions this time around--yeay! We also had lots more rejections because people don't know how to read directions--booo! Below you'll find people who not only know how to read directions, but who are also good writers and have interesting posts.

NAOMI presents British Kids Believe Churchill Walked On The Moon . Posted at Diary From England.

Why wouldn't they? It's perfectly true.

old-wizard presents Top 5 Girls From The Wonder Years. Posted at Old

Not just Winnie Cooper. Mamma was a hotbox, too.

John DeWitt presents Zen, happiness, and the law of attraction. Posted at The John Dewitt Blog.

This guy is totally trying to hock his book. I'm allowing it, though, because, well, check out the picture.

Beth Yarnall presents Bid Now! Posted at Beth Yarnall.

e-Bay addictions and the women who have them.

TheLittlestGuy presents Carbon Cycle. Posted at The Littlest Guy, saying, "Recently, the word ‘carbon’ has been in a lot of buzz words… carbon-this, carbon-that. It’s time to stop throwing words around and to truly understand what is important about the world’s carbon problem."

True dat.

Nicole presents The Problem With Image. Posted at Makeitbetter's Weblog.

Freak magnet. I empathize.

Wakish is a blogger who submitted six times to this single issue when the directions clearly state to submit only once per carnival. Also, none of the posts were on topic--they were all how-to related. Way to kill the carnival.

Hill Robertson presents Are You Working For The Weekend? Posted at Hill Robertson. Hill says, "Do not focus on working for the weekend. Focus on working for freedom."

Alas, he does not make reference to the 1980s classic hit, "Everybody's workin for the weekend...." However, this post made me think of that song, which made me smile, and so I'm including it here. If you remember who sang that song, please comment. I'm too lazy to look it up right now.

myko presents Why? You May Ask. Posted at Trailer Park Arias. Myko says, "This is a student blog from San Francisco State University. I need to get a posting in blog carnival or I'll flunk out of school and my unborn children will turn to crack and eventually mug you."

HIL. AIR. EEE. US! I don't respond positively to threats, but I do respond positively to blatant desperation, no matter how much truth it holds.

Theodore Pappas presents How Low Can Ben Stein Go? (To The Maligning of Charles Darwin). Posted at Britannica Blog.

Ben Stein has chimed in on evolution v. intelligent design. Who wants to read about it? Anyone? Anyone?

Christine presents Wants vs Needs: A Look At Personal Consumption. Posted at Me, My Kid, And Life: An American Single Mom Living In France.

A good lesson.

Rich Vosler presents Pruning makes growth for new life. Posted at Sales Training Tips.

I'm including this post only because the guy on the website eerily reminds me of Tom Arnold and I want everyone else's opinion. That and I thought pruning said pumpkin at first.

Jeffrey Stingerstein presents Abortion (a secular response to Richard Dawkins). Posted at Disillusioned Words.

Let's get a little issue-y.

Robyn J McCleary presents Aspiring Artist. Posted at Arts History, Artists and Fine Arts.

The art of slicing open the human eye. Really.

Clever Elsie presents It's A Wedding, Not A Coronation. Posted at Singletude: A Positive Blog For Singles.

I've written a lot about the single life. Nice to see that other singles know and love it too.

Nicole presents You Can Keep Your Diamonds, Your Rings, All Your Fancy Things. Posted at Makeitbetter's Weblog.

Not that anyone is throwing these things at the majority of us anyway.

Nick presents Welcome Back NBA. Posted at The Beernut Gallery.

I know nothing about basketball, but I dig a post that starts off, "they have uniforms and everything." Hil. Air. Eee. Us! Read on, sports fans.

That's all, folks. If you think you have some of the best stuff on the web, submit your blog article to the next edition of
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