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EWR #4: May's Big Bash

Welcome to the May 25, 2008 edition of Everything Worth Reading. This edition offers a smattering of subjects and writing styles worthy of being read and reread and reread again. Of course, we've edited out regular spammers and those who do not read carnival descriptions. Here it is--your carnival for May. Grab some cotton candy and skip around the maypole. (No, I really don't know what a maypole is).

David Godot presents We Live in Memories and Dreams> posted at Way To Go, Godot!, saying, "This article argues that from a psychological and neurological perspective, none of us live in the present moment. Rather, we are all living in a series of memories and dreams."

This is kind of like Waiting For Godot except not really in any way except the name.

Big Larry presents My Boyfriend and the “Tattooed” Bags posted at I Love Anuschka, saying, "Girl loves handbags. Boyfriend loves Girl. Love = Handbag loving Boyfriend?"

Such a simple equation, you'd think it'd work.

Michael Law presents I Want You to Date Playboy Model Jillian Beyor posted at Online Casino Blog.

Okay, fine, here's a post that objectifies a very pretty woman. Granted, the woman seems to be okay with that. The writing is really good; otherwise, I would've skipped it.

Aaron Powell presents Stimulus posted at Aaron Ross Powell, saying, "A very short, noir story with a fantasy and horror twist."

The plural of stimulus is stimuli. I don't know why I just said that. In any case, I'm making this post the Post of the Month because the writing is better than that of the most recent movie Prom Night which was supposed to have a horror twist but really made me laugh a lot and scared me not because it was a scary movie but because people spent money to make it.

Sam presents Andy Warhol and Pop Art. Celebrities, Sex and Soup. The Popular Art Movement ! Surfer Sam posted at Surfer Sam and Friends.

I'm a sucker for modern art so this post sucked me in. Lots of Warhol heads ahead.

Dereck presents A Walk Into The Wilderness posted at I Will Not Die.

Someone's trying to defy the "everyone's gotta die sometime" maxim.

sarah presents Response to Omnivoracious's book-beer pairings -- Guest blog by Ciara posted at SARAHSPY.

Break out your beer stine and a bookmark.

Tony Gibbs presents May Is An Outdoors Month posted at Birds and Things.

This comes at the end of May but Tony posted it in April so I think it all evens out.

Tristan L. Sullivan presents What Does God Sound Like? posted at Imagine.

Two reasons I'm including this post. Kickass picture of a mermaid and incredibly skillful use of a Sade reference. presents Nagarhole National Park Rajiv Gandhi National Park), Karnataka posted at

In a word? AWESOME! Or in another word? ELEPHANT!

Lucynda Riley presents Super Earth posted at Quietly Into the Night.

Soundtrack and everything.

Phil B. presents Most Juices are Apple Juice « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "Most 100% juices are made from primarily apple juice."

Yes, Phil B. You are so right. If I buy grape juice, I want it to be primarily grapes! Fermented, too, so that it's not so much juice as much as it is wine.

Lin Burress presents So Sexy, So Soon: The Sexualization of Childhood in Commercial Culture posted at Telling It Like It Is.

No, clicking on this will not mean you're a pervert. It means you're a concerned human being. You might be a big ol' perv for other reasons, but that's not here nor there.

Matthew presents Conservatives and Normals . Com - The Blog » Blog Archive » Vanity License Plates posted at Conservatives and Normals . Com - The Blog.

Poor Matthew. He obviously never watched that awesome game show in the 80s in which the contestants had to figure out what the license plates spelled out. I always wanted to be on that show.

Sara Ost presents >Just Fooling Around posted at Sara Ost.


Gary Evans presents Law of Attraction 101 posted at Good To Feel Good.

These are laws that are kinda hard to break.

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