Friday, October 31, 2008

EWR: Nine Is Fine

Welcome to the October 26, 2008 edition of Everything Worth Reading.
It's late because BC was down. Now here we are, together again. Aw, shucks.

Kate Andrews presents Pump Up the Volume Blog posted at Blog.

Stop breaking my heart, Christian Slater.

Jim Murdoch presents An interview with Claire Askew (part one) posted at The Truth About Lies, saying, "Claire is one of the next generation of poets. She has already won several awards despite only being in her twenties. She also runs the website 'One Night Stanzas' dedicated to supporting younger poets."

Jim pretty much summed it all up. Way to steal my thunder.

Kerry Dexter presents Gretchen Peters: Northern Lights posted at Music Road.

You know that song, "Turn The Page," by Bob Seger? Yeah, this post title made me think of that.

Michael Snyder presents Christmas Was Not Originally A Christian Holiday posted at The Moral Collapse Of America.

A lot of Christian traditions come from the Pagans. Fun fact!

Keith Carlson presents Health Food and Lipstick posted at Fiction, Prose & Ephemera.

Organic make up. It's all the rage, you know. Speaking of...

Kristen McCarthy presents Organic is Next to Godliness posted at, saying, "Organic products have become the food of the bourgeois –and I’m not talking about the kind of food historically only available to the rich: calf liver pâtés, speckled Emu eggs, and ninety-nine dollar square watermelons –instead, I’m talking about the essential food groups that ensure our nutrition: vegetables, fruit, grains, and dairy."

Carrots are evil. That's all I'll say about that.

Lily W presents Love in times of crisis posted at If only my English were better.

Good English doesn't make love appear. Trust.

FirstDateIdea presents First Date Ideas-Date Ideas posted at First Date Ideas, saying, "Need First Date ideas? Need Romance Date Ideas? We have 101 First Date Ideas and Date tips to impress your date."

I've got 101 more but they're more inappropriate, which is probably why I'm constantly on first dates instead of seconds and thirds. Have I mentioned I'm single again? Ain't no man gonna hold me down. Tangent over. Oh, and this is our POST OF THE MONTH. Cheers!

MelMenzies presents Bereavement Poetry - Death is But a Door : Mel's Muse :: Mel Menzies posted at Mel Menzies Blog, saying, "This is an excerpt from my book, A Painful Post Mortem, which was inspired by a real-life story. ALL profits from sales are for charity."

Too deep for me to say something sarcastic. Sigh.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents My Close Encounter (I Think) With Paul Newman posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

It's always a great shame when the world loses such a sexy thing. Charitable, I mean charitable man. Oooh, AND, I found Madeleine in the text I'm using for my Comp class next semester. Thanks for something I can give my students to read, Madeleine! presents Hogenakkal Falls: Part 1 posted at

So exotic. I'm so jealous. Thy middle name is cruelty.

axel presents Meditating In Japan posted at axel g.

Thy middle name is cruetly, too. Or cruelty two.

A_sdl presents Sit Down Life posted at A_sdl, saying, "Stop Running in mad rush"

I like this post because it's mostly questions.

Sarah Scrafford presents The 50 (Surprisingly) Dirtiest Things You Come Into Contact With Every Day posted at Web Design Schools Guide.

Unfortunately, dirty here doesn't mean what I think of when I hear dirty. Still, it's good info.

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