Sunday, February 22, 2009

EWR: Even Luckier Thirteen

Welcome to the February 22, 2009 edition of Everything Worth Reading. This month offers a smattering of topics from cars to dating and everything in between. There's a lot of in between.

Duck Pond Daily presents Public Speaking posted at Duck Pond Daily, saying, "Funny and Informative."

I'd like to be further informed, Duckie, as to what "rapist wit" is because in my mind, it refers to Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. Anyone?

John Duke presents Bankers and actors posted at OrangeHornet>.

Who can turn down a post that includes Alec Baldwin? Not I.

Kathryn presents 20 Great Things About Dating a Writer posted at Real Words, saying, "If you look around the web for thoughts on dating writers, most people say not to do it. I disagree! Here are twenty reasons that writers are terrific people to be in relationships with."

Man, if the guys I date only knew what they were in for.

ricksworld presents Stranger Than Fiction posted at Rick's World, saying, "These are compelling, true stories from my life. I took a road less traveled and this was my journey. I'm discovering that I have a passion for writing, and I hope you will discover with me some things that have never been written about before."

JennH presents The Consequences posted at Mixed, saying, "A fictional short story about two people experiencing the consequences of their life choices."

William Cotter presents Our Fathers posted at Paw Paw Bill. presents Trip to Kanyakumari: Chapter 10: Thirparappu Falls: Part 1 posted at

Harpreet Kaur presents Love Poems » Love Poems, Love Stories, love Tips, Flirting, Long Distance Love posted at Love Poems, Love Stories, love Tips, Flirting, Long Distance Love.

(This is about love in case you couldn't figure that out.)

Shawn Bryan presents The eBay Blues posted at The Shark Tank.

You know that movie with Owen Wilson and Liv Tyler in the woods? Once you read this, you'll know why I'm bringing it up.

Devon Coles presents O, For tuna! posted at Pen, Ink. Life's little vicissitudes . . ., saying, "Cicero said, “Nothing contributes to the entertainment of the reader more, than the change of times and the vicissitudes of fortune.” Or, in this case - family pets!"

I'm not a fan of pet stories or puns, but I guess they cancel each other out.

Post Of The Month
Annie Binns presents I Lost the Head of Christ posted at Annie Binns Life in the Fun Lane, saying, "This is 100% true. "

This story reminds me of how one Christmas I saved our plastic baby Jesus from certain danger during a wind storm. That makes this our POST OF THE MONTH!

don reding presents Never Enough Time posted at Red Dog's Personals.

Burak Bilgin presents Understanding Women posted at Distiller's Corner, saying, "If Sigmund Freud couldn’t understand what women want, who am I to do that?"

axel presents Meditating In Japan posted at axel g.

What's the Japanese version of om?

Madeleine Begun Kane presents De-Stress Or Distress? posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

How about DEssert?

john c erianne presents Blogger’s Lament Diary of a Mad Editor posted at Diary of a Mad Editor.

John is apparently a psuedo writer and editor if he's blogging about how blogging isn't writing but is pseudo writing. Right? Write.

Eva presents My Life and 2 Cents posted at Realm Crawler.

And a bag of chips.

Vihar Sheth presents 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid Test Drive and Mental Strife posted at Vihar Sheth.

The woes of thinking about your impact on the world.

That concludes this edition. Thanks to everyone who submitted. Now go read all the linkage, comment on each other's stuff, and submit again.

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Writer said...

Thank you for hosting. I am really looking forward to reading the entries.

Kathy Binns said...

I'm so happy to be honored with Post of the Month, and to be included in such an eclectic mix of interesting stuff! I'm also relieved for you that you were able to save the plastic Jesus. If it had gone the other way -- well, let's not think about that.

Isaac Yassar said...

That's a good read. Distiller has a good article there, very interesting. By the way, if you are looking for blogger / blogspot tips, come to me. You can get rid of those in-harmonious navbar to make your blog more unique for sure.

Devon Coles said...

Thanks for including my article in this edition . . . pets and puns notwithstanding!
Good reading day ahead, I see.

Paw Paw Bill said...

Thank you for offering this venue. It is a delight to read, an honor to be included.

Blogger said...

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