Monday, August 31, 2009

EWR: The 19th

Welcome to the August 30, 2009 edition of Everything Worth Reading. Once again, I'm a day late. Once again, I blame it on the booze. To make up for the lateness, I've cut down on the sarcasm. Enjoy.

Mauzzie presents She posted at Ponderer.

Now this is very cool.

Quentin Sherman presents The Wanderer posted at The Playgroup.

Caution--graphics may make you dizzy!

Jon Chambers presents Why Can't a Left and Right Wing Sustain Flight? (Article) posted at The Mind Of Jon.

Kerry Dexter presents Gretchen Peters: One to the Heart, One to the Head posted at Music Road.

Lena presents As We Grow Up Things Change posted at The Colors Magazine.

108Stylez presents Apparantly women can multiply and enlarge stuff. posted at JeRaze Kicks Ass!.

Yes, of course we can

Glowing Face Man presents My Anime Story posted at Glowing Face Man: Awaken the Badass Within, saying, "The amazing and true story of how Japanese animation changed my life"

Mike presents A Bird in Hand (or The Rescue!) posted at Writers Anonymous, saying, "A true story about how inspiration can be found in any small act of kindness."

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Satirical Blind Date Contract posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.


Dean Davis presents Beautiful Man, Ugly Stranger posted at WORLD SAVING RANTS, saying, ""It may have been an unorthodox way to ask a stranger for the time, but it struck me how orthodox it was to assume that an unkempt man is out to steal...""

Richard Shelmerdine presents Taoism 30 day experiment posted at Richard Shelmerdine.

Eldon Sarte presents This is My Night Job posted at, saying, "Writing is everything. Or is it? Sometimes, even with the best laid plans, it needs to take second place. Temporarily at least."

Marjorie Morgan presents Jessica Watson posted at GO! Girls Outdoors, saying, "this is the profile of Jessica, who wants to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world at the age of 16 - a young girl with the spirit of adventure!"

P presents Chef Gordon Ramsay on In-N-Out Burger posted at Book of Randomness.

I've been to In-N-Out once in Vegas and they made me a bun with veggies and sauce without the meat upon request. Good people.

Greg Laden presents The loudness of coffee shops : Greg Laden's Blog posted at Greg Laden's Blog.
"Why are you banging the muffins?" HAHAHHAHHAAAAA. Pure genius, Greg. That makes you the writer of our Post of the Month!

Kizie presents Hawaii paradise on earth posted at Kizie blog.

Ah, Hawaii. How I miss it so.

Jim Murdoch presents Son of So who in their right mind writes a sequel? posted at The Truth About Lies, saying, "Scottish author Jim Murdoch introduces his new novel 'Stranger than Fiction' in which the hero of his first novel is once again pitted against the personification of truth."

I do believe Stranger Than Fiction was also another book as well as a movie, but I could be very, very wrong. Read the post and prove me wrong please.

That concludes this edition of Everything Worth Reading.

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Jim Murdoch said...

No, you're quite right there. Stranger Than Fiction has been the title of two films actually and several books. It's just as well people can't copyright titles.

Christina said...

Right on, Jim!